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Selling your house is a confusing and often frustrating endeavor.  The pain of selling your Miami house only gets worse if it’s not in perfect condition.  Talk to the average homeowner who has sold a property in the last few years and they’ll likely tell you that they spent $10,000+ in repairs, cleaning, photography, advertising costs, closing fees, and commission well before they ever saw a penny for themselves.  This experience is not uncommon but it is unfortunate.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before, “Your house is your best investment”. Well unless they were talking about your house being the best way to invest tons of money and see no return, then you’ve been duped!  It’s true.  Once you buy a house, you are now responsible for all repairs, appliances and otherwise, and on top of that there are TONS of factors affecting the value of your property that are simply out of your control.  For example, what happens if your neighbors house burns down, or your neighborhood is rezoned?  What if local businesses move away and the economy in your area suffers? What if the school system goes down the drain?  Really the only factor you can control is the condition of your house, and upkeep of a house is EXPENSIVE!!

So here you are, looking to sell your house for one reason or another.  Maybe the kids moved out and you want something smaller, or closer to family… maybe you can’t afford your mortgage… maybe your house is damaged beyond repair… or maybe you inherited a house you just don’t want to take care of.  What are your options?  Well, if you are considering working with a realtor get ready for a reality check.  Before a realtor will even consider listing your property, you absolutely MUST get the property back to perfect condition, and that means A LOT of money in repairs.

Need a roof?  There’s $10,000. How about a kitchen renovation? Another $5-10,000.  How about your foundation?  That could easily cost you $10,000 or more… Oh and those appliances, they’ll be a couple thousand a piece.  Adds up quick, right?  So what the H*LL are you supposed to do?

What most homeowners don’t know is there is a simpler way to sell, especially when you don’t feel like footing the bill for repairs or you need to sell fast.  I won’t make you wait any longer, the solution is selling to a real estate investor.  Investors buy and sell real estate in areas like Miami, FL and Broward County.  They make a business out of purchasing distressed or unwanted properties, repairing them, and reselling them to new homeowners (some rent them to tenants as well).

Truth be told, investors are the reason why neighborhoods stay beautiful and dilapidated neighborhoods become revitalized. They have the capital to invest in undesirable properties and fix them up so that you don’t have to.  And here’s the best part, when they buy your home it’s almost always quicker and easier than working with a realtor.

You see, they take no commission and they don’t care about the condition of your property.  In fact they prefer when your property needs some repair, that way they can spiff it up and update what the property needs so it’s more in line with what’s currently on the market.  And since they pay in cash, they can close in a matter of days (instead of weeks or months) and there’s no waiting for loan approval or dealing with extensive paperwork.

Here’s how it works…  First if you need to sell your home fast contact a real estate investor such as RussellBuysHousesFlorida.com or someone similar.  They will ask you a few basic questions about your property, things like bedroom/ bathroom count, address, neighborhood, mortgage information, repairs needed, etc.  Then they will usually ask to see the property in person and schedule a time with you to meet. Once they have seen the property they will make you a no-obligation cash offer on the property.  Yes, they may offer you slightly less than market value BUT considering you pay no costs in repairs, closing fees, or commissions you are often times making more money in the end than you would with a traditional realtor sale.  If you agree with the sale price, they will write up an agreement of sale and decide on a closing date.  On your closing date you meet at a reputable title agency to sign paperwork and BAM! a check in your pocket.  No hassles, no complication, no commissions, no annoying realtors, just money in your pocket.

Sounds too good to be true, but trust me it’s not. It’s just that there a multi-billion dollar real estate industry trying to convince you that the only way to sell your home is with them.  It’s simply not true.  If you want more information about how real estate investors buy houses in cash contact Russell at RussellBuysHousesFlorida.com.  He is a great guy and walk you through the deal step by step.